What type of photos do you take?

We photograph "at play" and general activity photos during indoor time.  Once we feel we have enough of each child, we then take small groups outside for environmental portraits.  If time permits we will also take photographs during outdoor play times.

Unfortunately we can't guaruntee a set number of different images - particularly during the indoor sessions, as each child differs in what they prefer to do. For example, some children like to spend time in home corner, or building blocks.  Others like to paint or draw.  Where we might gently encourage, or ask the teachers to encourage children to move around to different activities, we don't force children to take part in activities that they aren't interested in.

What can affect the number/variations of images you provide of my child?


Weather plays a huge part during photo week.  We will use any outdoor undercover area available to us to increase the diversity of your images. Please note, we are guided by your teachers/carers with regard to poor weather.


If your child was absent for any time during our scheduled attendance.

Upset Children

We take the gentle and quiet approach to children who are obviously upset or nervous about having their photo taken.  We will gently encourage them to interact with us, or ask staff to stay close during this time, but we will not press on with taking photos if your child continues to be upset.  We will periodically check in to see if they are ready, but we will not force a child to have their photo taken.  

Incursions scheduled during photo days

This can't always be helped, incursions sometimes clash with photo day and we understand that.  If we can't arrange to be back at another time, with the permission of the vendor, we will use the time to take photos of children participating in the incursion.

How many photographers to you send on photo days?

Just one!  Over the course of 8 plus years, we have realised that this is the best way to maintain consistency in our images from year to year.

Depending on the size of your organisation though, there may a second person in attendance to help co-ordinate the children.

How long to you spend at Kindergartens?

This time is dependent on the sessions available at your kinder.  

4 Year Old 

We commit to attending two full 4 year old sessions (this is based on a 4 - 5 hour session). We are generally able to achieve  a gallery of between 10 - 15 images of your child in this time. Thes are duplicated in black & white.

3 Year Old

We commit to attending between 3-5 hours in total for 3 year olds. This period of time may need to be combined over two sessions during the week.  We will confirm our attendance at your 3 year old session with your director, who will in turn advise parents.  We are generally able to achieve a gallery of between 8 - 12 different images of your child in this time. These are duplicated in black & white.

What guaruntees to you provide with your photos ?

We absolutely guarantee print quality, good exposure and clarity of the print in general.  

Can you take 'special friend' photos?

We are happy to take photos of your children with their friends, but we require your permission (verbal to teacher/director, or written direct to Little Red) in order to share these across multiple galleries.

My child was absent during photo week, can you return to take their photo?

Please contact us to enquire if we are available to return on a separate ocassion to take your child's photos due to absence.  

Please note that due to time constraints, w are unable to re-take the class photo, therefore your child will be listed as absent on each print.

Can you photoshop my child's photos?

It is not standard practice for Little Red to alter any image for cosmetic reasons.  If you have a specific request for additional editing, please contact us to enquire.  Please note there may be additional fees involved.

Do your staff have a Working With Children's Check?

Yes, all staff contracted or hired by Little Red Photography hold a current Working With Children Check.

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