Steve Sedergreen


When I think back to my past there is a soundtrack that goes with each memory. When I sit here and edit photo sessions, there’s a score that accompanies each shoot. When I shoot, there’s usually a song running through my head. Inspiration.

This is my old friend Steve. A messenger of inspiration.

During this session, I photographed as he played through his new (soon to be released) album. “This is when such and such happened”…..”This is from the period of time when I first knew you”…. “This song is about the time when I met my wife”….. Stories and memories.

Toward the end of the shoot I put in a special request. I felt a little bad that it wasn’t one of Steve’s songs, but it is a marker of such a great time in my life, and Steve was the one who first played it to me at home in the lounge room….07 Sweet Emma (Live) Click and have a listen.

For all you budding jazz pianists out there, he has also written a book, Start Playing Jazz Now, click here to find a copy. If there’s anyone that can teach you, it’s this man.

Thanks to John at Piano Time in South Melbourne for allowing us the use of his amazing range of pianos for this shoot.

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    lumpsculpturestudio 01/03/2012

    Wow. The memories of you that song brings back to me make me tear up a little. Love you Bek. YFS.

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