Brighton Beach engagement session…Nicole & Paul

In a few short weeks I’ll be shooting their wedding, but this time Nicole and Paul, their gorgeous daughter Ella and I spent a couple of hours down at the beach getting to know one another before the big day….and I can’t wait:) If this session was anything to go by, there’ll be a lot of laughs and a great celebration!

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  1. Reply
    Derek 07/03/2012

    These are so awesome! Lovely work.

  2. Reply
    lumpsculpturestudio 23/02/2012

    Love these, wish I had an engagement shoot before the big day!

  3. Reply
    James 20/02/2012

    Lovely natural work!

  4. Reply
    Nick 20/02/2012

    Love these. Such a relaxed feeling.

  5. Reply
    thao trinh 20/02/2012

    So cute, love the laughing sequence! My favorite is the blue barn family portrait!

  6. Reply
    Kim Selby 20/02/2012

    This is a beautiful, beautiful session. So much love in these. Gorgeous.

  7. Reply
    Graeme Crawford 20/02/2012

    Such a lovely set of photos, and what naturals in front of the camera. Love the way you’ve used the sunlight to complement, particularly later in the set when it gets lower in the sky.

  8. Reply
    Jen Smith 19/02/2012

    Love the colors and their matching laughs!

  9. Reply
    Brian Kraft 19/02/2012

    Lovely! They look like a super cute couple together. Great shots!

  10. Reply
    Johanna 19/02/2012

    I love the happiness of this set. They’re one cute family. Especially loving this shot:×1024.jpg

  11. Reply
    Kyle 18/02/2012

    You captured so many great natural expressions. In a lot of these they barely even look like they know there’s a camera there!

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